Marsh Hide


Acrylic on Canvas

Carole Ann Grace

In stock


This original painting by Carole Ann Grace is supplied framed in a white tray frame with a 10mm front edge and 5mm shadow gap around the canvas.

Carole’s words about this painting:

‘Watching.  Waiting.
Silently witness the glassy waters.
The swoop, the dive, the timeless dance’

Size – 1030mm x 820mm x 35mm deep (including frame)

About the Artist

Carole says of her work:

‘Painting allows a kind of freedom: to investigate, to express, ultimately to be able to communicate something of the wonder of being a participant on the edgelands and in the wild places.  I search for a place of silence through experiencing elemental forces.  The fluid emotional boundaries between locations make possible those connections which merely physical barriers cannot contain.  My paintings are often generic rather than specific.  Walking through veils of memory informs my work. A painting is always for me a particular, singular response whether expressed relatively representationally or in a more abstract or even non-objective format.  Size matters.  Emotion is expressed in colour and gestural mark-making.  I paint because I need to try to understand; it is the manifestation of both the visible and that which is otherwise sensed.  The resultant work rests somewhere between intuition and intellect – the landscape within’