A Cunning Plan


Hand Tinted Drypoint

Sarah Bays

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This hand tinted drypoint print is supplied in an offwhite mount and wrapped in acetate or framed ready for hanging on the wall.

110 x 110mm (image)
250 x 250mm (inc. mount)
290 x 290mm (inc.frame)

About the Artist

Sarah says of her work:

‘I am a printmaker living in Norwich producing prints from a small etching press on a tea trolley in the corner of my dining room. I find my inspiration in my surroundings: the Norfolk countryside, its wildlife, birds, farm animals and coast. Holidays provide further sources of inspiration in new surroundings.

As well as producing drypoints, I find myself increasingly drawn to the immediacy of monotypes. I find myself working in a slightly more abstract way, taking a remembered landscape as a starting point and adapting the image as I go along’

About Drypoints

Drypoint is an intaglio printing technique in which the design is drawn into the printing plate with a sharp, needle-like pointed instrument, creating a line with a slightly ragged edge known as a ‘burr’. An intaglio process is any printing technique where the design is indented into a plate so that when the ink is applied and then wiped off, where the ink remains, the image is transferred to the paper when passed through the press. Copper or acrylic plates are often used for drypoint as the softer surface lends itself to the process. Edition sizes are small due to the delicate nature of the ‘burr’ on the plate.