Fish Bowl


Fused Glass

Fiona Fawcett


This Fish Bowl by Fiona Fawcett is a fused glass piece with metallic fish details within. 
The fish are swimming around in the deep circular form that has watery bubbles and gorgeous blue tones.

Size: 25cm x 25cm across, 9cm deep
(all sizes approximate and measured at widest/deepest points)

About the artist

Fiona Fawcett at Fired Glass Studio is a contemporary glass artist from Suffolk.  All work is handmade and bespoke using kiln formed techniques such as casting and fusing glass.

Her work is inspired by the formation and structure of the natural landscape, the effect upon it by erosion processes, and the human relationship with the environment. She is also interested in social history and the effect that changing economic fortunes have had on the urban, rural and maritime environments. She explores these themes principally through kiln formed glass processes.

Fiona was born in Plymouth but grew up and was educated in Suffolk. She graduated from The University of Birmingham in 1988 with a
BA (Comb.Hons) in Geography and Archaeology and worked in Land and Estate Management for 2 years before joining the Royal Navy in 1990 as a commissioned officer, specialising in training management, education and human resources.

With a lifelong interest in art and an increasing awareness of glass, Fiona completed some short courses in kiln formed glass and became hooked on this tactile and versatile material. So passionate about it and determined to learn more she returned to Higher Education on leaving the Royal Navy in 2012, and undertook the BA(Hons) in Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland and was awarded a First Class Honours in July 2015.

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