Misty Horizon



Sarah Bays

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This monotype print is supplied in an offwhite mount and wrapped in acetate

100 x 100mm (image)
290 x 290mm (inc. mount)


About the Artist

Sarah says of her work:

I’m a printmaker living in Norwich producing prints from a small etching press on a tea trolley in the corner of my dining room. I find my inspiration in my surroundings: the Norfolk countryside, its wildlife, birds, farm animals and coast. Holidays provide further sources of inspiration in new surroundings.

As well as producing drypoints, I find myself increasingly drawn to the immediacy of monotypes. I find myself working in a slightly more abstract way, taking a remembered landscape as a starting point and adapting the image as I go along’

About Monotypes

A Monotype is a unique image that is printed from a polished plate of glass or metal. The image is painted onto the plate and transferred to paper when passed through the press. Sometimes a second, lighter impression is taken from the same plate, but often, as with Sarah Bay’s work, they are total one-offs. Artists often enjoy the immediacy of this process.