Owl I

Smoke Fired Stoneware & Oak

Carol Pask


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Size – 300mm high x 140mm wide
(all sizes are approximate and measured at tallest and widest points)

About the Artist

Carol Pask is a ceramic artist working in stoneware and porcelain combining traditional methods to create sculptural pieces, which are often fused with, metal, wood or slate. Carol’s main area of expertise is in the use of smoke and pit firing techniques. She seeks a balance between the controlled structure of the work and the chaos of the firing. These elements combine in the production of the finished form.

Carol studied Fine Art specialising in sculpture, at Norwich University College of the Arts. Since graduating with a BA (Hons) she has worked from her studio in Suffolk surrounded by glorious countryside.

Much of Carol’s work evolves as a response to both the beauty and fragility within the natural world.