Summer – Celebrating 5 years!

selection of artworks from summer exhibition

For our anniversary exhibition ‘Summer’ we have selected a fine range of works from a number of artists – some gallery regulars, some occasional exhibitors, new, emerging artists and artists who were part of the very first exhibition five years ago.

We are delighted to welcome back Annette Rolston who was with us at the very start.  Her intricate linocuts incorporating animals, figures, landscape and pattern are always a feast for the eyes.  She is an experienced printmaker and printmaking tutor, working in Diss, Norfolk.


Carol Pask’s beautifully elegant sculptural ceramics have graced the plinths in the gallery for a while now.  They are always very popular and find new homes quickly.  Her work evolves as a response to the beauty and fragility of the natural world.  She is an expert in smoke and pit firing techniques, seeking a balance between the controlled structure of the work and the chaos of the firing.


For the first time, we are so pleased to introduce the sculptural vessels of John Mallett.  Working primarily in metal, he is exploring the possibilities of combining and finding harmony between modern technologies, such as computer design and 3d printing, and the art of traditional bronze casting.  This body of work references the history of ornamental vessels, such as Chinese ritual bronzes and aspects of Japanese culture, such as Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals.


Also on show are a number of pieces from gallery regulars, a range of limited edition prints and as always our gallery shop is well stocked with cards, ceramics, jewellery and books.