Spring Exhibition 2022

Mixed Media 'Skiddaddling' by Nicola Hart

We are delighted to welcome new artists Nicola Hart and Rosemary Carruthers IEA to the gallery this Spring who are both showing a fine selection of vibrant, colourful work. They are joining new collections of work from gallery regulars such as Rachel Thomas, Kate Heiss and Michelle Daniels. We have an explosion of colour in the gallery that we are really looking forward to sharing with you!

Rosemary Carruthers IEA is based in Norfolk.  She works in gouache, acrylic, oil, pastel and mixed media in a wide range of subjects.  She derives great pleasure from incorporating animal and human figures into her work as they go about their daily work or play. Some of the work in this collection takes lockdown and the pandemic as its theme, exploring elements of people’s lives during this time in a playful and colourful way.

Nicola Hart, also based in Norfolk is exhibiting an incredible collection of new work. Continually striving to represent life in a new and exciting way, whilst retaining an element of realism, Nicola works primarily in acrylics and builds her compositions by applying layers of paint and collage comprising of differing colours and textures. Variety and experimentation are the main emphasis of her work, and acrylics allow her to work with speed and spontaneity, and provide her work with movement and energy. Nicola has always been fascinated by the way different textures affect the paint – how the emergence of different layers, revealing or hiding, draw the onlooker into the painting so that something different can always be seen.

The exhibition continues until the end of May 2022